Ruben B. Arizpe Sr.,

    Started his Self taught art career as an advertising designer in a department store 50 years ago after serving in the USAF’s Air Training Command as an illustrator.   

Later, he progressed to an Art Directorship at the May Company Department Store in Los Angeles.

“I moved to LA because I wanted to get the big city, big store experience, but more importantly, because I wanted to attend the Art Center...although I didn’t make it until 20 years later”.

After training with Bill Ahrendt who taught Ruben in the European tradition of drawing and painting.  The Art Center, and Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles rounded-out his skills in fine art and illustration.

Ruben was twice nominated to the Retail Advertising Hall of Fame, and is also a recipient of the Art Directors Golden T-Square award. He was featured in 33 Award Winning Campaigns and Why They Work and The Best in Retail Ads.

     Ruben returned to the field where his heart had always belonged: Fine Art-Historical Illustration. North-American history was always appealing to Ruben. So when he got the opportunity to start the Lewis and Clark Expedition exhibit, he threw himself into the project with heart and soul. While at the same time, building a reputation as an art teacher giving His multi-medium skills in charcoal, pencils, oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors made him not only a versatile Fine artist and illustrator, but also an unusual art teacher.  Ruben also taught Visual Communication basics at the Multnomah Art Center and at his home studio.

Here, finally, is the opportunity I had been looking for, said Ruben, to learn, teach, and paint full time.

Retail & Illustration