Meet Ruben

When we had last met I had attended a class of his at the Multnomah art Center; thus the opening of his studio to tutor art students interested me.

Q.  After holding workshops at OSA and Art Media why just tutor now?

A. There are two significant differences. One: tutoring is a one-to-one session dealing with the student concerns and two: the student can benefit from the tutors on-going works as an apprentice. Additionally, many times, I’ll even video record demonstrations that he can keep for future reference.

Q. What are the most difficulties a student usually has?

  1. A.I would say an understanding of the use of the structures of art and how the eye perceives light,

  2. other words, DRAWING.

Q. But isn’t it also true that there is a lot of frustration with the use of materials?

A. Of course, materials are part of the fundamentals, as is composition. These are also part of the structures of art.

Q. What, in your experience, is the greatest impediment to learning for an art student?

A. Fear of learning (or making mistakes) on their own. Profit from your mistakes, each is telling you what you are doing wrong. Reduce that mistake to a technical reason and you’ll know the answer. In other words, learn your fundamentals and become your best critic and teacher.

Q. How does any one contact you and what is your fee for this service?

A. An e-mail is best, that allows me to set up an appointment.  I would like to see, in person, an example of their most recent work.  Then I can asses their needs. The usual fee is $80 per session.